Integrating MyEclipse 6.5 and IceFaces 1.7.1

I’ve continued my search after my previous post and got working visual editing support in MyEclipse by:

  • choosing to download MyEclipse as a plugin install on an existing eclipse install, rather than a Pulse driven install (although that might not matter very much, you can enable classic software update support in the Eclipse Preferences under General->Capabilities)
  • Downloading the ICEFaces plugin for Eclipse, extract, add that dir as a local update site by Help->Software updates->Find and install->New features
  • Install from that local update site & restart eclipse
  • Create a new Web Project
  • Add JSF Capabilities from the MyEclipse menu (do not add facelets)
  • Add ICEFaces Capabilities again from the MyEclipse menu
  • Create a new page by New->JSP (advanced templates)->ICEFaces JSP
  • Profit!

I have to add that due to current project needs I got this to work in Windows, rather than Linux which I’ll try as soon as I’m relieved of this burden :-)

Also, I still need to use it some more before being able to comment on the experience but so far so good it seems.

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2 Responses to “Integrating MyEclipse 6.5 and IceFaces 1.7.1”

  1. Rob Lepack says:

    Glad you were able to work through it. You should enter your blog in the ‘Blog About ICEfaces Contest’.

    Depending you were you are located, this will get you a free t-shirt and a chance to win other great prizes. -Rob

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rob, did just that. Keep up the good work. Very nice surprise to see belgium is one of the accepted countries :-) Cheers

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