Thanks Apple, I’ll wait for Android

After reading about Apple putting application rejection notices for their App Store under non-disclosure, I can but conclude I’ll have to wait for an Android powered phone.
If you just take a step back and go over the entire NDA story from the start, it’s easy to see you don’t want to be dependent on these people, let alone use their ‘platform’. It’s insane. In an era where open source & free software is gaining foot in the marketplace, they’ve succesfully become on of the biggest antagonists of the ‘free culture’. They’ve lived up to the old standard set by the ‘old’ Microsoft and have actually outdone them in their own field. What they say is true, Apple is the new Microsoft.

Congrats Apple, you did it! I’ve grown up with macs and now you’ve finally gotten me completely turned down on your iPhone product, despite of all it’s features and magnificence. I don’t care anymore. Not as a person, developer, linux user. I was looking forward to the next iteration of the Mac Pro, but I’ll just have to see what gives by 2009.

Maybe someone should send a note reminding them there’s people behind these applications they’re banning for the most ridiculous of reasons. I’ll create whatever software visions I have for a device that runs what I tell it to run.

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